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Guident one of India's leading dental publication completed the second year of its journey of “Guident Dental Academic Excellence Awards” at the 8th International Congress of Academy of Oral Implantology. The publication honoured the academicians, students and colleges for their contribution to the field of dentistry. These awards acknowledged academic achievements, student’s potential and a commitment for excellence and leadership. The awards provided a motivational force for others to strive for achieving greater heights and promoted excellence in dentistry.

The ceremony and the award night took place on Friday, 18th September 2015 at Le Meridien, New Delhi. It was an amazing event with the synergy of the dental fraternity from all around the country. Many distinguished guests like Dr. Shridhar Shetty, Dr. A.K. Munshi, Dr. R. K. Bali, Dr. Mahesh Verma, Dr. Krishna Nayak, Dr. Omkar Shetty and others travelled from all regions of India to be present at this important event. The awards were categorized into 27 categories ranging vastly from the most proactive college, the most proactive academician, the best department, to the best P.G. and U.G. students.

Apart from the regular academic awards categories Guident gave 2 Life time achievement Awards to Dr. Shredhar Shetty and Dr. A. K. Munshi for their highly valuable and dedicated contribution to Dental Academics. Guident also gave 2 more awards to Most Proactive academy for outstanding contribution for Continuing dental education and Most Proactive Entrepreneur for their outstanding growth in dental business. Receiving such an award is a feat in itself, given the international and national jury and the rigorous process adopted to select the final achiever. The award received an enthusiastic response from the students, young dentists and faculty members. The award ceremony was a grand success with the presence of many distinguished personalities from the field of dentistry.

Team Guident congratulated all the winners, and wished luck to all dear students and encourage them to strive towards winning this award. The ceremony was extremely rewarding and proved to be very effective and added a positive and encouraging facet to the existing glory of the Guident Dental Journal.